Staff Sgt. Claudia L. Palacios

Staff Sgt. Claudia Palacios, a Career Counselor from New Mexico, will reenlist this Thursday so she can continue serving her country and helping Soldiers, who she considers family.

Why I Stay Army Reserve

“I really enjoy being a Soldier. I wear my uniform with pride. I think joining the military was the best thing I’ve done in my life. I love being able to serve the country where I was born. Living up to the Army Values has not only made me a better Soldier, it has made me a better human being.”

Staff Sgt. Claudia L. Palacios

I enlisted in the United States Military as a 79V, Retention and Transition NCO, with a secondary MOS of 42A, Human Resources, on 15 February 2001. Currently assigned to 13th Battalion, Army Reserve Careers Division in Aurora, CO.

My military awards include the Army Achievement Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal, Operation Noble Eagle, and Operation Enduring Freedom.

I was on a state side deployment for over 3 years. I was part of the Warrior Transition Unit. I maintained accountability of all of our medical hold soldiers and their medical needs.
I was able to help our fellow soldiers with their medical issues. At one point it was only 7 of us running the whole unit and we all came together and accomplished our mission.

I was born and raised in Deming, NM where I graduated from Deming High School, 12 May 2000, and attended PIMA Medical Institute.

Outside of the Army Reserve, I work at the New Mexico Orthopedics Surgery Center – Insurance Verification and authorizations for medical treatment Allergy & Asthma – Office Manager.

In my free time, I loved spending time with my family and friends.


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