Staff Sgt. Jenniffer L. Pitts

SSG Pitts, Jennifer

SSG Pitts, Jennifer

MILTECH-Reservist: Dual Hat Role

SSG Jenniffer Pitts, originally from Clymer, NY, is a member of the Las Vegas-based 374th Chemical Company serving as a 74D (Chemical Specialist)

Originally enlisted as 54B, which changed to 74D, to pursue active duty 3 years in Germany for two years. She describes her active duty as a good experience, as she was 19 at the time and it was her first time away from home. While in Germany, she was deployed to Iraq in 2003 with 17th Signal. As she describes, the war was too new and she was too young to be scared or know what to expect.

Completing that tour, SSG Pitts returned with her fiance (now husband) Jeff from Germany and finished active duty at Fort Bliss with the 552nd Air ADA. Wanting to pursue a more stable family life, she enlisted with the Arizona National Guard to take advantage of their two-year stabilization program.

While deciding to Stay Army Reserve, her husband took a job in Las Vegas and the couple moved. While there SSG Pitts found a MILTECH position with the 374th and works there as her full-time civilian job and as a Reservist.

While she likes the job and unit it has disadvantages. The dual hat role of being both a Reservist and full-time civilian working for AGR personnel who are also unit leadership can lead to conflicts. “The lines are very blurry as to when I am SSG Pitts or when I am Mrs. Pitts.”


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