Staff Sgt. Eric J. Rhee

SSG Rhee, Eric J.

SSG Rhee, Eric J.

Why I stay Army Reserve

I continue to do so because I saw a clear purpose in doing so while being on the Active side of the house.  The purpose can be summarized in one phrase: a peaceful and  prosperous nation.  Maintaining peace and prosperity requires a great deal of sacrifice of all service members of this great namtion that is spread all over the world.  Wearing the uniform even as a part-timer instills me with unwavering pride and confidence that also empower my civilian side as well.

Staff Sgt. Eric J. Rhee

I enlisted in the United States Military on 31 March 2003 as a 13D3O – Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System Specialist (Fire Direction Center) with a secondary MOS of 74D3O.

My military awards include 2 AAM, 2 ARCOM, WLC Leadership Awardee, OSUT Honor Graduate, Combat Action Badge, and Operation Enduring Freedom VII-VIII.

I was deployed to Afghanistan where I performed the duty of a Fire Direction Center Section Chief of a 105mm Howitzer Platoon leading a 8-men team along with a Fire Direction Officer. I was largely responsible for all combat missions on and off the base, our operation base security by providing indirect fire capability. Ran 24-hour operations with my Soldiers, trained Soldiers and maintained a level of highly proficient combat readiness.

I was born in Lansing, Michigan, raised until the age of 13 in Korea, then moved back stateside to southern California, where I graduated from Palos Verdes Peninsula High School in 2000. As of now I am attending the University of Maryland, preparing to transfer to Boston University.

My hobbies include: listening and composing music, playing the piano, and reading books.

SSG Rhee and his mother Mrs. Son

SSG Rhee and his mother Mrs. Son

Mrs. Sookjin Son is pleased to see positive changes in her son, physically and mentally, throughout his military career.

SSG Rhee is also a piano player. See a video here:

SSG Eric Rhee, Piano Man

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