Sgt. Andrew M. Sha

Sgt. Andrew Sha plans to make a career out of the Army Reserve.

Why I Stay Army Reserve

I take pride in my country and desire to do my part.

Sgt. Andrew M. Sha

I enlisted into the United States Military as a 68G, Patient Administration, on 31 January 2000, currently assigned to the 4247th Installation Medical Support Unit in Fargo, ND.

My military awards include: 2 AAM’s, 1 ARCOM, 3 ARCAM, 1 National Defense Service Medal, NCO Professional Development Ribbon.

SGT Sha, Andrew M.

SGT Sha, Andrew M.

I graduated from Fargo North High in Fargo, ND on 25 May 2000.

Outside of the Army Reserve I work at the Ramada Plaza and Suites as a Set-Up Supervisor for banquets and events.

My wife, Stephanie, is very supportive of me staying in the Army Reserve and making a career of it.

SGT Sha with wife Stephanie

SGT Sha with wife Stephanie


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