Staff Sgt. Lucas B. Thieken

SSG Thieken, Lucas B.

SSG Thieken, Lucas B.

I enlisted in the Army on Active Duty when I was 21 years-old.  Prior to enlisting I worked part-time and attended college.  Initially, I served on Active Duty for three years as an M181 Tank Mechanic, 63A at Fort Knox, KY and Korea. 

In December of 2007 I deployed to Iraq as a 27D, Paralegal, with the 18th Airborne Corps.  I was stationed at Camp Victory, which is located in Baghdad.  I worked in the criminal law division assisting Lawyers with their criminal cases.  I assisted in the prosecution of the first civilian, throughout the military court system, since WWII.  I worked with several of the General Officers throughout my tour and I even met General Petraeus.  I traveled all over the Iraqi country.  Overall, it was a very eventful and rewarding experience.

I am a Bio-Medical Engineer with an Associate Degree and working towards a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio.   I enjoy sports of all kind to include golfing, basketball, and just exercising in general.  I also like to read.


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