Sgt. Edwin H. Turlington

Sgt. Edwin H. Turlington, and my brothers, Staff Sgt. Reb Turlington and Maj. Lance Turlington

Sgt. Edwin H. Turlington, and my brothers, Staff Sgt. Reb Turlington and Maj. Lance Turlington

Why I Stay Army Reserve

 “I like being in the military. I started out in the Florida National Guard and after a break in service I went Active Duty for 4 years and then I got an opportunity to go to Germany. I had a second break in service and I came back again, this time with the Army Reserve. An and after serving for 18 years, I’m ready to Reenlist for three more years. Both of my brothers, my father and myself have all served in the 45th Infantry Division.”

Sgt. Edwin H. Turlington 

So far SGT Turlington has been with the 45th Infantry Division, 82nd Airborne, Military Police, as a Watercraft Operator (88K), in Civil Affairs and currently in the Army Firefighter Unit, as a Detachment NCOIC in Garden City, Kansas. He had most fun as a Watercraft operator which he really enjoyed.

He is married to Julie, when asked about her experience as a military wife, the first things she replied was: “You need something to wear for formal occasions and he looks great in uniform.” Which she said with a big smile and made her husband burst into a laugh. After that she added:”The military has enriched our lives in many ways and has also helped us professionally”. They have a two-year old son and are currently expecting a baby boy, as his father assured.

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