Staff Sgt. Paul L. Watkins

SSG Watkins, Paul E.

SSG Watkins, Paul E.

I enlisted into the United States Military 14 April 2000 as a 31B, Military Police, with a secondary MOS of 79V, Army Reserve Career Counselor. I am now assigned to the Army Reserve Careers Division, Region 1, Battalion 1, Area 6.

My military awards include: Combat Action Badge, Wheeled Drivers Badge, ARCOM x3, AAM x2, Reserve Overseas Training ribbon, GWOT x2, Iraqi Campaign ribbon x2, GWOT Expeditionary, Good Conduct ARCAM, Overseas service x3, AFRM w/ M device x3 NCO Development Ribbon, National Defense Ribbon

I was deployed to Iraq where I was Squad Leader in a Combat support Military Police Company. My primary job was to work hand and hand with the Iraqi Police Chief of my sector and help serve and protect the people of Baghdad, as well as perform counter insurgent operations.

I was born and raised in Warwick, RI, where I graduated from Pilgrim High School 15 June 2000. I am currently attending the University of Massachusetts.

My hobbies include: playing and watching hockey, golf, riding my motorcycle and baseball.


2 Responses to “Staff Sgt. Paul L. Watkins”

  1. SFC Holston Says:

    Im calling bullshit on this guy… All damn day long.. Your awards make no sense fucking poser

  2. Rick Scammon Says:

    How about taking a photo with your Non-Regulation Tattoos not so obvious and be a good representation of the Army!

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