Staff Sgt. Russell A. Wayne

SSG Wayne, Russell

SSG Wayne, Russell

Why I Stay Army Reserve

“Throughout my Military Experience I’ve been getting unexpected opportunities, unable to get as a civilian, if it wasn’t for the Army I don’t see myself; I’ve mentored, trained and supervise young americans.” SSG Wayne A. Russell

SSG Rusell has been in the Army for almost 8 years, he did 5 years Active Duty and so far, almost three years in the Army Reserve. He is about to Reenlist for 6 more years.

He was deployed to Iraq in 2005-2006, and he said, regarding this deployment: “I loved it, and the team bond created . . . we were there for a whole year”.

Even though his team got redeployed again, a year afterward, and he missed the opportunity to go, he states that being in the Army Reserve as a Drill Sergeant is great, “I got far more control of my career as a reservist”.

He and his wife Tanya are about to become Foster Parents, he’s thinking it will be an enhancing experience.


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