Sgt. Alicia Young

SGT Young, Alicia

SGT Young, Alicia

Sgt. Alicia Young enlisted in the United States Army Reserves in 2005 as a 92A and is currently assigned to 479th Engineer Battalion at the Army Reserve Center located at Fort Drum, NY.   Sgt. Young is also a military technician for ECS 1, which is also at Fort Drum.  Sgt. Young has not been deployed as of yet; however, she expects to in the not so distant future.

Her motivation for entering the Army Reserve was for a better quality of life for her family and to provide for her children.  Sgt. Young is married to Clarence Young.  Together they have three daughters:  Marissa and Alissa are 8-year-old twins and Aliyah is 4 years old.  Sgt. Young’s husband is serving on Active Duty at Fort Drum, NY as a 92G  with the 189th CAV, Delta Troop.   Clarence is very supportive of his wife’s decision to reenlist and continue to serve in the USAR, because of his own commitment to the Army.  He understands the commitment and appreciates the many benefits.  According to Sgt. Young, her husband is very mellow and not opinionated when it comes to her decisions regarding military service – his opinion is that it’s all good.  They met prior to entering the military and they are both from St. Louis, Missouri.  Both Sgt. Young and her husband enjoy movies and bowling in their spare time.

SGT Young with husband Clarence

SGT Young with husband Clarence


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  1. Alicia Young Says:

    Quickly showing the MSG’s the Class A and filling out paperwork.

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