Sergeant First Class Donald H. Warren

5th Battalion, Army Reserve Careers Division, Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year5th Battalion, Army Reserve Careers Division

 Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year


Sergeant First Class Donald H. Warren is currently assigned to Army Reserve Careers Division, Battalion 5 Area 1, as the Army Reserve Career Counselor at the Armed Forces Reserve Center CAFRC), located in Jacksonville, FL. Before this position, Sergeant First Class Warren was also a Duty Appointed Retention NCO for the 429th Medical Evacuation Unit in Savannah, GA. and was an IDT Army Reserve Career Counselor for Jacksonville, FL.

Sergeant First Class Warren entered the Army Reserves in 1989. His first unit was 467th Engineer Battalion Delta Company Greenville, MS. where he worked as a Combat Engineer for 11 years. During that time he worked his way up from PV I to SSG, was Squad Leader of the Year in 1996 for the Battalion, and was a part of 3 overseas training missions, EI Salvador, Honduras and Germany.  Sergeant First Class Warren later moved to Savannah, GA and transferred to the 429th Medical Battalion where he reclassified to a 68W and later became the Detachment Sergeant.

In 2006, Sergeant First Class Warren was cross leveled into an 11 man Military Transition Team and deployed to Iraq as the primary medic-training sergeant for the Iraqi 1st Tank Battalion. During his deployment, Sergeant First Class Warren participated in over 100 combat patrols and was assigned as the interpreter manager for the team.


One Response to “Sergeant First Class Donald H. Warren”

  1. SFC Roberto Anguita Says:

    Good Luck SFC Warren!!! Keep the acceptance speech down to three minutes….lol

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