Sergeant First Class Joshua D. Rupert

6th Battalion, Army Reserve Careers Division, Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year,6th Battalion, Army Reserve Careers Division

Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year

Sergeant First Class Joshua D, Rupert enlisted in the Army Reserve on 29 June 1998. He completed basic training at Fort Jackson, SC, and Advanced Individual Training as an Automated Logistics Specialist at Fort Lee, V A. Upon completion of training, he was assigned to the 658th Quartermaster Company in Tupelo, MS. In 2003, he was mobilized with his assigned unit 8S one of the first Army Reserve units in Mississippi in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

After completing his Master of Public Policy and Administration Degree from Mississippi State University, he volunteered for assignment as an Army Reserve Career Counselor (ARCC) for the 81st Retention and Transition Office. After completing the ARCC Course at Fort McCoy, WI, he returned to Mississippi to serve as an ARCC in the Army Reserve.

In August 2010, he was selected to work as special staff at Army Reserve Careers Division Headquarters (ARCD-HQ) in Morrow, GA. After completing a 15-month assignment at ARCD-HQ, he began his initial tour as an Active Guard and Reserve Army Reserve Career Counselor


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