Sergeant First Class Eleanor G. Cunningham

12th Battalion, Army Reserve Careers Division, Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year, Sergeant First Class Eleanor G. Cunningham

12th Battalion, Army Reserve Careers Division

Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year

Sergeant First Class E. Cunningham enlisted in the United States Army in 1992. Sergeant First Class Cunningham has served in the active component as well as in the Army Reserve both in and outside of the Continental United States.  On 31 January 2011, Sergeant First Class Cunningham received orders transferring her into the Active Guard Reserve, assignment with 12th Battalion, Army Reserve Careers Division, Area 2. She currently serves in San Antonio, Texas as an Army Career Counselor supporting four reserve units.

Sergeant First Class Cunningham served honorably for four years on active duty as an Administrative Specialist (71L), stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, assigned to the G3/DPTM, 101st Airborne Division.  In 2002, Sergeant First Class Cunningham transferred from the Individual Ready Reserve to a Troop Program Unit.

While in the U.S. Army Reserve, assigned to the 328th Personnel Support Battalion, Sergeant First Class Cunningham volunteered for an annual training postal mission in Korea. Sergeant First Class Cunningham completed a tour, as an Administrative Specialist, in Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in the battalions S-1 from 2004 to 2005.  Sergeant First Class Cunningham deployed with the battalion as a specialist and returned from deployment as a staff sergeant. After demobilization, Sergeant First Class Cunningham returned to her unit, (now the 328th Human Resources Company) to not only serve as an Administrative NCO but also, as the units Equal Opportunity Representative and as a Platoon Sergeant, where she mentored over twenty Soldiers.

An avid runner, SFC Cunningham enjoys participating in organized runs to include, but not limited to, 5Ks and half marathons. While on deployment, Sergeant First Class Cunningham placed in every 5K she entered to include the Army 10 Miler where she placed second in her age group. Sergeant First Class Cunningham is currently selected to participate in the Army Reserve Careers Division Ten Miler Team for the 2012 Army Ten Miler.


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