Staff Sgt. Seth C. Bullock

Staff Sgt. Seth C. Bullock

Staff Sgt. Seth C. Bullock

Region 7 Career Counselor of the Year

Staff Sgt. Bullock is a Retention NCO in Spokane Washington. He provides career counseling and guidance for two engineer units and a Drill Sergeant detachment. In 2007 Staff Sgt. Bullock transferred from the Individual Ready Reserve to become a Career Counselor. In 2008, Staff Sgt. Bullock made the transition to AGR becoming a full time Career Counselor for Region 7 in Spokane Washington.

He entered the Army in 2004 and prior to being assigned as a Career Counselor SSG Bullock served overseas in Korea as a Infantryman with the United Nations command.

Staff Sgt. Bullock has completed the Warrior Leadership Course, Basic Noncommissioned Officers Course and the Retention Noncommissioned Officers Course.

His awards and decorations include the Army Commendation Medal, United Nations Medal, and Career Counselor Badge.

Staff Sgt. Bullock has completed one year towards his Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. In his free time, Staff Sgt. Bullock trains in service rifle marksmanship in hopes on competing in future service rifle competitions.



“There are many good NCO’s in this job and every time I see one, I think about how I want to be like them.  That is why I am taking steps like this to improve myself.”



5 Responses to “Staff Sgt. Seth C. Bullock”

  1. Sharron Janway Says:

    This is a terrific write-up.

  2. SSG Nathan Lomas Says:

    You got this brother. No sweat!

  3. SSG Andrew Vaughn Says:

    Let’s go buddy, you win and I’ll buy you a round, loose and I’ll buy you two!

  4. SFC Michael Moore Says:

    Alright SFC Bullock I just bet the farm on you. Good Luck.

  5. SFC Gary Como Says:

    Good luck on your board.

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