Sgt. 1st Class Kyle A. Thorne

Sgt. 1st Class Kyle A. Thorne
Sgt. 1st Class Kyle A. Thorne


Region 9 Career Counselor of the Year

Sgt. 1st Class Kyle A. Thorne is an AGR 79V assigned to the 9TH Region, Army
Reserve Careers Division. He entered the retention program in February 2006 as a TPU Soldier. Before entering his initial AGR tour as a 79V in January 2007 in Kansas City, KS, SFC Thorne volunteered to perform on extended orders to help Area 2 complete its mission. He is currently the ARCC for the 326th ASG, 842nd QM CO, 2-383 TS BN, 2600 MIG, 3100 SIG Det 5.

He entered the Active Army in June 2000 as an Infantryman in Ft Benning, GA. Prior to his assignment as an AGR 79V in 2007, he served as an Infantryman in the 1-32nd Infantry Battalion Ft Drum, NY and in Kosovo in 2001. SFC Thorne also served as a Rifle Team Leader for 1-32nd Infantry Battalion while deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

Sgt. 1st Class Thorne has completed the Primary Leadership Development Course, Basic Noncommissioned Officers Course, Expert Infantryman Training, Pre-Ranger, Basic Airborne Course, Javelin Missile System Course, and Retention and Transition Noncommissioned Officers Course.

His awards and decorations include the Army Service Ribbon, National Defense Service Medal, Army Achievement Medal 2nd Award, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, NATO Medal, Kosovo Campaign Medal, Good Conduct Medal 1st award, NCO Professional Development Ribbon with #2 device, Combat Infantry Badge, Expert Infantry Badge, Army Parachutist Badge, and the Career Counselors Badge.

His short term goal is to win the Secretary of the Army’s Army Reserve Career Counselor Board, and his long term goal is to become the Army Reserve Careers Division Command Sergeant Major.


“MSG John Dunlap is a motivator.  I look up to him and try to mirror him to the best of my abilities.”


10 Responses to “Sgt. 1st Class Kyle A. Thorne”

  1. Boursiquot Says:

    Appreciate it for sharing Sgt. 1st Class Kyle A. Thorne Stay Army Reserve with us

  2. d bionic Says:

    Thanks for sharing Sgt. 1st Class Kyle A. Thorne Stay Army Reserve with us keep update bro love your article about Sgt. 1st Class Kyle A. Thorne Stay Army Reserve .

  3. Magda Knopp Says:

    This is a great blog you got here.

  4. Summer Camp West Freehold NJ Says:

    My husband turned me onto you after I expressed an interest in these issues. It’s not everyday I agree with him, but he sure was right about your blog. Keep the posts coming!

  5. SFC Michael W. Hammon Says:

    SFC Thorne,

    First Day almost done, take a deep breath, clear your mind, now DRIVE ON……. Area 2 is behind you and staying STRONG………

  6. SFC David Milner Says:

    Good Luck SFC Thorne Area 4 Sheep Herders stand behind you!

  7. SFC Gretchen M. Busche Says:

    The time has come and I hear you are doing well! Keep your spirits up and take your time, you know your stuff and have already made our Region proud!!!

  8. MSG Etheridge Says:

    SFC Thorne ACC West the Proud Patriots see you as the next Army Reserve Career Counselor of the year. You have a great team of Career Counselor Competitors that came before you to condition your knowledge to razor sharp and your confidence with hidden arrogance. You also have the support of Region 9 behind you as you travel on your journey to achieve all your goals. When questions are composed keep your eyes on the prize, focus on the board member presenting the questions. Look at them as with each question like you already know the answer. Stay focus, stay alive.

    Proud Patriots signing out,


  9. SFC Michael W. Hammon Says:

    SFC Thorne,
    You have this compition hands down……GO GET’EM……..

    Mighty Eagles


    SFC Thorne myself and AREA 1 Rhino’s like to wish you the best! you don’t need luck, for you are already a winner. Relax and when the time comes for you to enter the room knock loud! and just before entering say those words that make us proud (No one is more professional than I) then show them all why you are there. Stay bless.

    Rhino’s out

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