Sgt. Eric Burgess

Sgt. Burgess

An Infantryman, 11B, assigned to the 2/399th Regiment, Fort Knox, KY, Sgt. Burgess has deployed to Afghanistan in 2005-2006.

His most memorable deployment experience was when he and his close battle buddy, Spc. Alkantera had returned from the showers and when entering their barracks noticed a mouse just running along the wall going in and out of everyone’s gear. In their effort to demolish the mouse, they made so much noise that most of the platoon opened their doors and joined in the efforts to extinguish the mouse. “At one point the platoon was in the platoon sergeant’s room trying to include him in catching the mouse.” However, “the mouse must have been watching us and learning our moves….because he slipped out the door as another platoon came in to see what all the noise was about.”

Audio excerpt of the mouse story


3 Responses to “Sgt. Eric Burgess”

  1. Mara Says:

    cute story 🙂

  2. SSG Clarett Says:

    Congratulations SGT Burgess and I love the story of the mouse…lol

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