Sgt. Greggory Mason

Sgt. Mason while deployed 2006-2008 in Baghdad, Camp Striker.

Sgt. Mason while deployed 2006-2008 in Baghdad, Camp Striker.

Most memorable moment during deployment: My unit sent a platoon-sized element to fortify CP 21 (Check Point) on Main Supply Route Tampa because a Vehicle born Improvised Explosives Device had destroyed CP 22. We had closed the checkpoint to the local nationals only leaving room between the barriers for Coalition Forces to proceed through. We placed signs in Arabic approximately 300 yard out warning the nationals that the checkpoint was closed and to take the detour. It was July 24 and the temperature was already at 130 degrees. I was on top of the overpass repairing a vehicle when our security element fired a warning shot at a white sedan that was creeping through the barriers. As soon as the warning shot went off the vehicle erratically increased its speed and headed straight for three of our soldiers on the ground. We began firing upon the vehicle at first going for disabling shots and then realizing the vehicle was not stopping and switched to kill shots. The vehicle came to a stop about ten feet after the overpass, I then ducked down expecting the vehicle to be a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device and detonate. It was silent for a few minutes, and then screams filled the air. The hostile was hit in the neck with a 5.56 mm round and fell out of the vehicle screaming. He stood up and all I remember seeing was he spurting blood from his neck each time his heart beat. We secured the area and searched the vehicle and the passenger, who was not injured. I will never forget the sounds of that day.
From El Paso, TX, Sgt. Mason, deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom is currently assigned to the 900th Quartermaster Com 383, Quartermaster Battalion and is a 91L, Heavy Equipment Construction Repairer.

Sgt. Mason at work at ECS (Equipment Concentration Site)

When not serving his country Sgt. Mason works as a Heavy Equipment Repairer Technician.


3 Responses to “Sgt. Greggory Mason”

  1. SSG Clarett Says:

    Congrats SGT Mason on your reenlistment and your continual service with the Army Reserves…

  2. 2LT Derek Voight Says:

    I too have had the honor of knowing Sergeant Mason for nearly a decade, and I cannot express how much our great Army and Country have benefited from his service. He is truly a hardworking and loyal individual.

  3. SGT Rice, Nicholas Says:

    It is hard to come by a soldier that works harder, a leader who can motivate and care more, or a person as loyal and selfless as SGT Greggory Mason. I have had the pleasure of knowing this individual for nearly a decade, and I can not recall a moment where he gave me a negative impression. The army has benefited from his enlistment, and his continued service is greatly appreciated. Thank you Sergeant for all that you have done, and all that you will do.

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