Sgt. Kyle Turner

Sgt. Kyle Turner, Army Reserve Soldier, Drill Sgt. and Purple Heart Recipient

Sgt. Kyle Turner shares his Story

Is currently serving as a Drill Sergeant, assigned to the 2nd Battalion of the 415th Regiment in Fresno, California.

Sgt. Kyle Turner Joined the Army in 2002 and graduated from Basic Combat Training in 2003.  He deployed to Balad, Iraq in 2003 with Charlie Battery 3/16th Field Artillery, Division Artillery, Fort Hood, Texas.

He is currently attending California State University in Fresno, California.  Sgt. Turner is majoring in History with a minor in Communications.


Sgt. Kyle Turner and his father Jonathan Turner arrived in Washington D.C. for the 2010 National Capitol Re-enlistment Ceremony. 

Sgt. Turner says that he joined the Army because he wanted to serve, and also follow in his father’s footsteps, a distinguished Vietnam War Veteran.


12 Responses to “Sgt. Kyle Turner”

  1. SPC Spurgeon Says:

    DS Turner,

    I have met many, known few, and you I will remember. On the travels that I embark.

    SPC Spurgeon

  2. Dave Lombard Says:

    Kyle, I am always proud of my Turner Brothers. I wish I had the heritage of service that the Turners do. I am blessed to call you my friends.

    Uncle Dave

  3. Kimberly Van Meter Says:

    Kyle, thank you for your continued service to our country. We are proud to have you (almost) in our family! You’re a good man and we’re proud to know you!

  4. Linda Garrison Webster Says:

    Your past, your present, and your furture service to this nation is reflective of the fine values, character, and love of country instilled by so rich a heritage as you received from your father’s herioc duty to country. You, and your father, are true inspirations of all that is fine in America. It is an honor to have had you both touched the lives of my family. God Bless the Turner Family and thank you for your service to America.

  5. Randy Beaudoin Says:

    All the best Kyle. Thank you to you , your Dad and all who have served OUR fine Country!!! Randy

  6. Cousin Jen Says:

    Very Proud of you Kyle.. When we come home this summer I would love for you to do a little mini study with the boys on being a soldier, the history behind war and your personal experiences (sensored of course to age appropriate language.. 🙂

  7. SFC Liza Hall Says:

    Congratulation’s on your reenlistment! Thank you for your continued dedication in serving the USA!

  8. SSG Clarett Says:

    Congrats SGT Turner on your reenlistment and I’m proud to have met you…take care

  9. SFC Stephen Pate Says:

    Drill Sergeant, meeting you and hearing your story meant more to me than any of the monuments or museums this city has to offer. Thank you for coming to this ceremony.

  10. Johnnathon Turner - Father Says:

    I love you and am extremely pride of you and your service to our nation.

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