Sgt. Kiowana Williams

Sgt. Williams

From Newport News, VA, Sgt. Williams is a 42A, Human Resources Specialist, Currently I am serving in an Active Guard Reserve (AGR) status with the United States Joint Forces Command. I am a student at Columbia Southern University majoring in Criminal Justice. I would like to be a forensic scientist or a homicide detective.

I have a five year old son named Khaleb. He has a very rare condition called Moebius Syndrome. We are a part of the Moebius Syndrome Foundation. He is a green belt in Tae Kwon Do.

NCRC Soldiers lay wreath for the Army Reserve at the Tomb of the

NCRC Soldiers lay wreath for the Army Reserve at the Tomb of the

Sgt. Kiowana Williams selected to serve as honor guard for the wreath laying ceremony at Arlington Cemetery with Sgt. Jason Atkinson, Spc. Tomas Garcia and Staff Sgt. Courteney Fisher. More photos of e events from the National Capitol Reenlistment Ceremony will be uploaded to over the next few weeks.


7 Responses to “Sgt. Kiowana Williams”

  1. Kiowana Phillips (Williams) Says:

    Not sure who is using my pics on FB but that’s pathetic!

  2. Olajide shodimu Says:

    Sgt william is a promising and intelligent soldier and an asset to her country

  3. mike Says:

    somebody is using her pictures to con people out of money on facebook sgt kiowana williams.

  4. Nigger Commander Says:

    Dat ma baby!

  5. Garry Commander Says:

    Thats My Daughter!

  6. Wanda Commander Says:

    Thats my daughter!

  7. Gharrye Commander Says:

    That’s My Sister!

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