Staff Sgt. Raymon Burden

Staff Sgt. Raymon Burden is a 25B, Information Systems – Analyst. Assigned to the HHC 95′” Training Division (IET) he may supervises, installs, operates and performs unit level maintenance on multifunctional/multi-user information processing systems, performs analyst functions; tests computer system programs and conducts data system studies among other things.

Staff Sgt. Burden had deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom III, as a 13P, Fire Direction specialist and most enjoyed the camaraderie of the unit while there.

He works as a works as a Guest Service Specialist and is currently enrolled in college.

Traveling with him to see the ceremony and to participate in the Quality of Life Family Readiness Conference is his dad, John D. Burden. Mr. Burden retired from the Air Force, and states that “I have is highly inspired my son and encouraged him to be the best he can be, because the stars are the limits that shine brightly.”


One Response to “Staff Sgt. Raymon Burden”

  1. DS TURNER, KYLE Says:

    See you soon. And if you ever try to push me into “that” kind of bar I’ll thrash you. lol J/k See you soon brother and remember you always got a friend in Cali. Hope to see you in the next few months.

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