Staff Sgt. Aaron Butler

As a Soldier, Staff Sgt. Butler is a 68J, Medical Logistics Specialist assigned to the 4225 U.S. Army Hospital. He has been in the Army since December 2004.

He deployed in September 2006 to Qatar under Operation Iraqi Freedom. While supporting the 20th Special Forces Group in Kenya, he employed his cattle ranching skills to move giraffes off of an airstrip.

On the civilian side he is Cattle Rancher and lives in Three Forks, MT.

The city of Three Forks is historically considered the birthplace or start of the Missouri River and named so because it lies near the point where three rivers converge to form the Missouri River. Meriwether Lewis (Lewis and Clark) named the rivers.

The American Indian woman Sacagawea, known as the interpreter and guide for the Lewis and Clark Expedition and is honored in Three Forks with a statue.


3 Responses to “Staff Sgt. Aaron Butler”

  1. DS TURNER, KYLE Says:

    Hope to see you soon.

  2. SPC Spurgeon Says:

    SSG Butler,
    Truly an honor to re-enlist at your side.

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