Staff Sgt. Eisen Gilo

“My most memorable moment while deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II was being awarded the Division Commander’s Coin for outstanding performance by MG Peter W. Chiarelli, who is now the Vice Chief of Staff.” Staff Sgt. Eisen Gilo
Living in Hawaii and assigned to the 871st Engineer Company, Detachment 1, as a 21H, Construction Engineering Supervisor, Staff Sgt. Gilo entered the military in 1991. When not with his unit, he is A Heavy Mobile Equipment Operator.


One Response to “Staff Sgt. Eisen Gilo”

  1. Noe Gilo Says:

    I feel great and happy to be here for my husband’s reenlistment. When I see him in uniform I feel safe; cause I know that he’s not going to let anything happen or hurt me; as he fights for the county. No matter what you do; what ever decision you make I am always behind your back. I love you so much with all my H-E-A-R-T. You are my life; you are my love and most of all you are my H-E-R-O.

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