Sergeant First Class Keather M. Mitchell

Sgt. 1st Class Mitchell was born and raised in Albany, Georgia. She joined the Army on April 18, 1994. Sgt. 1st Class Mitchell attended basic training at Fort Jackson, SC and Advance Individual Training at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. She received the Military Occupation Specialtiy of 63J (Chemical and Equipment repairer). Upon entering the Active Guard Reserve Program in 2001, Sgt. 1st Class Mitchell was reclassified to 75B (Personnel Administration Specialist) which is now 42A.

Her previous assignments include: 377th Quartermaster Company, Tifton, GA; 414th Transportation Company, Orangeburg, SC; 227th Transportation Company, Kuwait; 63D Regional Support Command, Los Alamitos, CA; Birmingham Recruiting Company, Birmingham, AL.

Her positions include Human Resources Sergeant, Senior Promotions Non Commissioned Officer In Charge, Recruiter, and Senior Human Resources Sergeant.

Sgt. 1st Class Mitchell has attended numerous Army Schools to include: Personal Administration Specialist Course, USAR Unit Records Administration Course, FBCB2 Operator Course, Army Recruiter Course, and Equal Opportunity Leaders Course.
Sgt. 1st Class Mitchell’s awards include: ARCOM-40LC, AAM-10LC, GCMDL-3, AFRM-1, AFRM-M DEVICE, ARCAM-20LC, NDSM-2, GWOTEM-1, GWOTSM-1, Non Commissioned OfficerPD-3, REC GLD BDG-1, USA REC RING-1, and DRIV BDG-1.

Her short term goals are to obtain a Bachelors degree in Education and also to become a member of the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club. Her long term goals are to retire from the Army at the rank of Sergeant Major and obtain her Masters degree in Human Resources.

Sgt. 1st Class Mitchell is currently stationed at Army Reserve Careers Division as the Executive Administration Non Commissioned Officer.


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  1. SFC Gabriel cosme Says:

    SFC Mitchell this is SFC Cosme, if you get this message please call is in ref to our plans to visit San Juan tonight, thanks

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