Staff Sgt. Romeo J. Santos, 3rd Battalion Army Reserve Careers Division’s Best Warrior

santosStaff Sgt. Santos serves as a 79V Army Reserve Career Counselor with the 3rd Battalion ARCD. SSG Santos has been in the Army for 14 years and has served in numerous assignments and or deployments such as the European theater (2003) in support of Operations Noble Eagle and Enduring Freedom as well as Kuwait (2004-5) in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Staff Sgt. Santos is Modern Army Combatives level 2 certified.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Staff Sgt. Santos is single and is currently pursuing his Associates Degree at the Community College of Baltimore County. Staff Sgt. Santos’ personal interests are volunteering in his community and attending Baltimore Orioles baseball games.

Staff Sgt. Santos short term goals include completing his Associates Degree at the Community College of Baltimore County, competing in the Best Warrior Competition and Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Board, being promoted to Sergeant First Class, raising $10,000 for local charities in my area, and attending Airborne School. Some of his long-term goals include earning his Bachelors Degree, attending RCCC School, becoming an Area Leader, and retiring from the US Army at the rank of Sergeant Major.


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