The 2011 Competition

Each of the competitors listed below have already competed and won their Battalion’s Army Reserve Career Counselor of the Year Competition.

Click on the competitor’s name to learn more about them, see additional pictures and to leave your comments! Take the time to congratulate them for their hard work and accomplishments.

Sgt.1st Class David Catani, 1st Battalion Sgt.1st Class Sabrina Derhammer, 8th Battalion
Sgt.1st Class Matthew Miller, 2nd Battalion Staff Sgt. Dustin Chester, 9th Battalion
Sgt.1st Class Benjamin Linkous, 3rd Battalion Staff Sgt. Erin Miller, 10th Battalion
Sgt.1st Class Katrina McNeil, 4th Battalion Sgt.1st Class Richard Silva, 11th Battalion
Sgt.1st Class Arnaldo Caban, 5th Battalion Sgt.1st Class Katherine Klaffka, 12th Battalion
Sgt.1st Class L Pitts, 6th Battalion Sgt.1st Class Adam Anderson, 13th Battalion
Sgt.1st Class Danielle Font, 7th Battalion  

10 Responses to “The 2011 Competition”

  1. SFC Libby Says:

    Congratulations to all! Special shout out to SFC Silva and SSG Chester. Hooah!

  2. SFC Spoon Says:

    Go Linkous!!

  3. SFC Richards Says:

    Good Luck SSG Miller!

  4. MSG Mullinax Says:

    Best of Luck SFC Linkous,


  5. SFC Harr Says:

    Good luck to all the competitors!!!

  6. SFC Angie Rollins Says:

    Godspeed to all of this year’s competitors and may you have a very rewarding experience!

    SFC Rollins

  7. MSG John T. Martin Says:

    2011 Competitors,

    I commend you all for stepping out of your comfort zones to compete for and strive to be selected for the Secretary of the Army Career Counselor of the Year. I recognize several names from HOOAH Soldiers that will NEVER QUIT, and continue to reach out to be #1. Know this, you are all #1. Good luck to each of you at this years competition.

    And although SFC Linkous from 3rd BN will certainly win thes competition this year, I just want you all to know that the effort you have put forth is commendable. 🙂

  8. SFC Angie Rollins Says:

    SFC Linkous,
    You family here at 3rd BN are rooting 4 u! Go ahead and SMOKE the competition-it’s ok:)

    SFC Rollins

  9. SFC Williams Says:

    Good luck SFC Linkous. I know you can do it! FIRESTORM!!

  10. MSG John T. Martin Says:

    SFC Linkous,

    You got this. Best of luck to you.


    MSG Martin

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